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We're a people-focused, power-conscious, empathy-based organization looking to make the world a kinder place.



Founded in January in 2017 by Queen's University graduate Mike Young with the help of some incredible friends and professionals, Growth Myndset strives to facilitate learning, dialogue, and human growth, located in a politics of empathy, compassion, and kindness. Everything we do is people-focused, power-conscious, and empathy-based.


Founder, Speaker,
Facilitator, Writer

With a background in human rights, equity, mental health, and education, Mike Young founded Growth Myndset in January 2017 to help make the world a more empathetic place to live. Mike remains dedicated to helping people learn, laugh, and grow together in comfortable, yet thought provoking environments. 


High School Class Visit

January & February 2017
St. Paul Catholic High School
Ottawa, ON

"Mike has been a guest speaker in my Grade 12 Sociology class twice this year. He is a brilliant speaker and offered students guidance and sound advice during a period of uncertainty and change in their lives.

During his first visit, he explored issues around equity and equality. On his second visit, he answered questions about post-secondary options as well as life after high school..."



"Something permanent happened the first time I felt my body had betrayed me. The delicate string connecting my mind and body was snipped in thin air and I have been sitting cross-legged, trying to untangle its knots, ever since..."

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