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Growth Myndset is a people-focused, power-conscious, empathy-based organization making the world a kinder place.


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Founder, Speaker,
Facilitator, Writer

With a background in human rights, equity, mental health, and education, Mike Young founded Growth Myndset in January 2017 to help make the world a more empathetic place to live. Mike remains dedicated to helping people learn, laugh, and grow together in comfortable, yet thought provoking environments. 



Founded in January in 2017 by Queen's University graduate Mike Young with the help of some incredible friends and professionals, Growth Myndset strives to facilitate learning, dialogue, and human growth, located in a politics of empathy, compassion, and kindness. Everything we do is people-focused, power-conscious, and empathy-based.


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Professional Training Seminar: Providing Accessible & Compassionate Care for Gender-Diverse Patients

March 2018
The Ottawa Hospital
Ottawa, ON

"As the Chief of a women’s health department (Obstetrics, Gynecology & Newborn Care) that prides itself on the provision of patient-centred care, educating our physicians, fellows, and resident doctors on the importance of gender-diverse care is integral to our mission.A colleague suggested Mike would be a good fit to speak to our department at a Grand Rounds presentation. From the moment I spoke with Mike on the phone, I knew he would deliver a well-informed talk. Planning the talk was easy—Mike is a great communicator and is knowledgeable on this topic.

His session was one of the most highly attended Grand Rounds I’ve seen in a while. Mike spoke eloquently and freely, helped unpack several key terminologies, and brought to light many things we traditionally take for granted, such as an inclusive use of pronouns. He entertained questions at the end of his talk and provided several resources to our physicians.

I would highly recommend Mike!"


"Think for a moment about how you care for your body. Likely, each and every day, there are various things that make up your hygiene routine. You take a bath or a shower, brush your teeth and your hair, keep your nails trimmed, wash your face, and you ensure that you maintain a baseline daily level of cleanliness and freshness.

What happens if you let your physical hygiene go? Well, things can get pretty stinky, pretty quickly. "

Continue reading “A Three-Stop Roadmap to Practical Mental Hygiene” by Mike Young

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