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A Three-Step Roadmap to Practical Mental Hygiene

“There are droves of articles that will present you with specific examples of activities and exercises that you can look to in order to fuel up. Instead, we’re going to be looking at the general rules, long-term commitments, and broader stroke philosophies that can help propel you towards establishing your own brand of equilibrium that will be uniquely yours, and that you can progressively foster over time.”

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On Trauma

"It’s very difficult to make sense of trauma, because trauma does not make sense. Some events can be equally as traumatic as others, but not result in PTSD. Some forceful impacts to the head can result in nothing more than a slight headache. I can only talk about trauma as it relates to my experiences, one physical and one mental, both of which taught me a great deal."

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She's Not the Elephant in the Room

"On October 12th, 2016, my 16-year-old sister, Nicole, passed away suddenly. I will never forget the evening my father phoned to tell me she was missing nor the following night when my mother phoned to tell me she was "no longer with us". I have never understood a darkness so great nor an emptiness so deep. It is still something I struggle with every day and something I will continue to struggle with into the uncertain future."

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