Adopting a Growth Myndset means recognizing and embracing the messiness that our world so often produces. It means taking the time to understand our place within the lives, experiences, and struggle of other human beings. Above all else, it means living and speaking in ways that support our own personal growth, and in ways that support and nurture the growth of all with whom we interact.

We're anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and feminist at our core, and we want to engage with you about the messiness embedded within each of those ideological spaces. We specialize in creating productive dialogue about gender & sexual diversity, healthy/toxic masculinities, intersectional feminism, privilege, anti-oppression, sexual violence, leadership development, mental health, positive psychology, self-care, and habit building.

We'd love to join you to deliver a keynote address or speech, sit on a panel to discuss social issues, or to run engaging and accessible workshops. Everything will be tailored to suit your needs and to meet you where you're at. We genuinely believe that the world can be better for more people, and we believe that for this to happen, we have to collectively practice empathy and compassion. We have to adopt a Growth Myndset.

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