High School Classroom Visit

January & February 2017
St. Paul Catholic High School
Ottawa, ON

"Mike has been a guest speaker in my Grade 12 Sociology class twice this year. He is a brilliant speaker and offered students guidance and sound advice during a period of uncertainty and change in their lives.

During his first visit, he explored issues around equity and equality. On his second visit, he answered questions about post-secondary options as well as life after high school. He then facilitated group discussions on various controversial issues in Canadian society. After each visit, students raved about how "down to earth" he was and how "they felt better after speaking with him" about their future.

It is rare that I meet people and within minutes invite them into my next class! I highly recommend a visit from Mike Young."

Ms. Ruth Boutell, Teacher

Lunch & Learn About Gender Identity & Diversity

August 2017
Hydro Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

Coming soon.

Keynote Address

September 2017
Concurrent Education Students' Association Orientation Week
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

"We asked Mike to come speak at our Academics event during Concurrent Education orientation week this year and were blown away by his presentation. He really connected with the students and inspired them through his personal experiences.

We had wanted a speaker who could motivate the first year students to get involved at Queen’s and Mike went above and beyond that. His presentation was funny, heartwarming and left a lasting impression on the students.

We are going to be encouraging next year’s Teach Exec to bring Mike back as it was such a wonderful experience."

Concurrent Education Students' Association Orientation Week Executive

Grade 5/6 Classroom Visit: World Changers Project

October 2017
Kanata Highlands Public School
Kanata, ON

"Mike Young visited our junior class to speak to them about developing a growth mindset. WOW!

He was professional, engaging, fun and inspirational.  The students were hanging on his every word, and enjoyed his personal stories and insights about how to tackle challenges. 

When students listened to his stories, thoughts and ideas, they were inspired to approach challenges with more of a growth mindset—understanding that challenges are a part of life and ow they approach them is what matters. 

Thank you Mike for being truly inspirational and helping the next generation develop empathy and compassion—for others and themselves."

Shannon Jorgensen & Meaghan Samuel, Teachers

Workshop: Building Your Professional Reputation

October 2017
Queen's Student Alumni Association's
"QYourFuture" Event
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

“Mike Young was an exceptional partner throughout our event planning process, demonstrating a strong interest to understand the purpose behind his speaker opportunity at our event. 

He asked all the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of the audience and the ideal delivery of his message.

Mike created and delivered an authentic, actionable, and accessible presentation to help current students take charge of their future by intentionally building and curating a genuine professional reputation. 

I would be grateful to work with Mike frequently in the future."

Benjamin Seewald, Queen's University Alumni Relations

Integrating a Growth Mindset & Equity Lessons Into the Classroom

November 2017
Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

"Mike Young was an absolute pleasure to have as a guest speaker for teacher candidates at the University of Ottawa.

He provoked my students to think about the pedagogical implications of teaching with a growth mindset and what this may look like in a junior classroom. He spoke in an engaging and personal manner which allowed for a safe and comfortable space to ask potentially difficult yet pertinent questions in reference to today’s schools.

I would highly recommend Mike as we need these types of conversations to be at the forefront of educating youth in the 21st century."

Dr. Jennifer Rottmann, Part-Time Professor at University of Ottawa

Providing Compassionate & Accessible Care for Gender-Diverse Patients

March 2018
The Ottawa Hospital
Grand Rounds Presentation
Ottawa, ON

“As the Chief of a women’s health department (Obstetrics, Gynecology & Newborn Care) that prides itself on the provision of patient-centred care, educating our physicians, fellows, and resident doctors on the importance of gender-diverse care is integral to our mission.

A colleague suggested Mike would be a good fit to speak to our department at a Grand Rounds presentation. From the moment I spoke with Mike on the phone, I knew he would deliver a well-informed talk. Planning the talk was easy—Mike is a great communicator and is knowledgeable on this topic.

His session was one of the most highly attended Grand Rounds I’ve seen in a while. Mike spoke eloquently and freely, helped unpack several key terminologies, and brought to light many things we traditionally take for granted, such as an inclusive use of pronouns. He entertained questions at the end of his talk and provided several resources to our physicians.

I would highly recommend Mike!”

Dr. Mark Walker, Department Head of Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Newborn Care

Becoming a Leader More Will Want to Follow

August 2018
Jays Care Foundation/Toronto Community Housing International Youth Day
Toronto, ON

“Mike Young was an exceptional speaker at our International Youth Day event. Mike found creative ways to engage our audience of youth ages 15-25 and he seamlessly connected with the audience when he spoke about a variety of strategies people can use to help uncover one’s passion and potential in life.

Through engaging conversation, Mike was able to not only show the youth how to be a dynamic leader but he also taught the participants to use their past experiences as building blocks and to challenge themselves to work hard to develop into the leaders they strive to be.

Thank you Mike for taking the time to speak at our event. The youth now have new tools for their tool box to help them develop into compassionate, kind and self-motivated leaders for the future.”

Meghan Saundercook, Summer Programs Intern

Keynote Address

September 2018
Computing Students’ Association
Orientation Week
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

“Mike gave a keynote at our semi-formal and completely blew us away! This event was our closing dinner for Orientation Week for Queen's Computing students. Mike's stories and anecdotes about his time at Queen's University struck a cord with all our incoming students. I have experienced Growth Myndset on two different occasions now and each time it affected me differently. He is an amazing speaker that captivates his listeners with a talent to resonate with everyone in the room. He really connected with the students and inspired them through his personal experiences at university. His keynote was not only entertaining but captivating and definitely left a positive impact with everyone in the room.

Mike asked me what I would like him to address during his keynote and took that in stride. He disassembled the image of the 'cookie-cutter student' and gave everyone in the room confidence to be their best self. This was an incredible message for students who are often surrounded by stereotypes. Overall it was a pleasure to have him speak at our event and I would wholeheartedly recommend him!”

Scott Reed, Computing Orientation Chair