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Founded in January in 2017 by Queen's University graduate Mike Young with the help of some incredible friends and professionals, Growth Myndset strives to facilitate learning, dialogue, and human growth, located in a politics of empathy, compassion, and kindness. Everything we do is people-focused, power-conscious, and empathy-based.





Adopting a Growth Myndset means recognizing and embracing the messiness that our world so often produces. It means taking the time to understand our place within the lives, experiences, and struggle of other human beings. Above all else, it means living and speaking in ways that support our own personal growth, and in ways that support and nurture the growth of all with whom we interact.

We're anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and feminist at our core, and we want to engage with you about the messiness embedded within each of those ideological spaces. We specialize in creating productive dialogue about gender & sexual diversity, healthy/toxic masculinities, intersectional feminism, privilege, anti-oppression, sexual violence, leadership development, mental health, positive psychology, self-care, and habit building.

We'd love to join you to deliver a keynote address or speech, sit on a panel to discuss social issues, or to run engaging and accessible workshops. Everything will be tailored to suit your needs and to meet you where you're at. We genuinely believe that the world can be better for more people, and we believe that for this to happen, we have to collectively practice empathy and compassion. We have to adopt a Growth Myndset.

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Lifelong Learner.
Team Builder.
Morale Booster.

Excited to help you realize your potential.

Hey there - thanks for being here! I’m Mike Young, I’m 26 years old, living in Kingston, ON, born and raised in Ottawa. As a student leader at Queen's University, my love for speaking and facilitating emerged and has grown ever since.

I’ve developed an in-depth understanding of post-secondary education in Ontario, and as a past member of the Queen's Board of Trustees, am uniquely positioned with the knowledge of how to balance corporate governance & fiduciary responsibility with the need to be intersectional, anti-oppressive, and committed to social justice, all while remaining resolutely grounded in human positionality & experience. Though it’s not an easy task, I love the challenge and am eager to keep learning and to share my experiences.


I had the distinct pleasure of serving as the 34th Rector of Queen's University, and was lucky enough to be able to connect with so many incredible people within that role. I’ve spoken at 50+ functions as a keynote or panelist over the past 5 years, and got to work with incredible teams as a facilitator for the Positive Space and Sexual Violence Bystander Intervention Training programs, respectively, at Queen's. I also worked for several years with Queen’s University’s Human Rights Office on educational programming.


I have an undying passion for helping folks realize their potential, leading important discussions about equity/human rights, and for learning more, myself, throughout the process. I want to help those I work with better understand how to navigate privilege when doing anti-oppressive work. Establishing a baseline level of comfort when facilitating difficult discussions can be a daunting task, but I believe in the power of honesty, sharing, and laughter, and thus my work as a public speaker and facilitator strives to be relatable and human above all else.


I’m forever interested in human growth, habit building, and positive psychology, and mental health and wellness is core to everything I do. I brings an excited and positive attitude to everything that I do, and I’m eager to find new challenges to tackle.

I feel privileged to learn from you, and I’m endlessly grateful to be going through this life doing my soul-work. I hope we can work together to make this world lighter, brighter, and kinder for more people.

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